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Le cadeau d'affaire par CARTE LS®

And what about offering your Customers and Staff supreme luxury and surprise corporate gift box with a touch of French glamour ?

Exclusively reserved to professionals CARTE LS® suits all budgets : it's the perfect gift for all your reward and incentive programs.

Offer a Carte LS® box : the beneficiary will have the freedom to choose the gift he/she wishes. The choice is huge: over 650 activities and 600 designer label items, plenty of original gifts, rich food hampers, good wine, champagne... that will be delivered directly to his/her own address.

Everything is included : the Carte LS® luxury box, its personalization, the delivery at your company address and the gift delivery to your beneficiary address in the U.K.

cadeau affaire
56,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Inspiration

This is the ideal gift! To please your Customers or Staff you may find here an astonishing and original collection of gifts. An impressive selection...

84,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Secret

Ingenious suitcases to travel all over the world, design objects to give a personal touch to your office, pamper experiences in Great Britain for a...

102,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Revelation

Ungaro® fine leather goods, Mont-Blanc®, Ferrari® or Porsche® driving experience, cooking lesson, decoration, fashion, well being massage,...

149,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Sensation

Creative, emotionally rich, powerfully coloured, magnificent and sumptuous : that's how it looks like this collection of gifts, activities and...

213,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Harmony

Extreme pleasures, privilegious and unforgettable moments, luxury, well being.... Your clients or employees will be fill with joy by the Carte LS...

268,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Ovation

Jewelery, Decorative Art objects... a deluxe selection of fabulous presents, activities and week end to share in couple in luxury hotels. Let them...

408,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Plenitude

To reward your best sales managers or your most loyal clients, give them the opportunity to choose their favourite gift. Emotions, sensations,...

528,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Extravaganza

Christofle®, Baccarat®, Lancel®, Dempsey®, Cerruti 1881®, Adamence®... Discover the profusion of splendid objects, sensational experiences,...

797,00 £ VAT excl

Cadeau d'affaire Carte LS® Must

Must : this is the nicest collection of all ! Thanks to its fashionable precious jewels, its finest grace and originality, its sumptuous luxury, it...

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