General Terms and Conditions

The products and services offered on are provided by COMPAGNIE DES CADEAUX, limited company with a capital of 50 000 Euros, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Angers under the number 484 004 981, with a head-office located at 14 Rue Mickaël Faraday, 49070 BEAUCOUZE. offers a range of original gift cards exclusively reserved to professionals (companies, local authorities, work's councils, associations).

When a Customer places an order of Carte LS®, he accepts the present general terms and conditions. These terms and conditions prevail over any other terms and conditions, general or specific, unless expressly agreed with our company.

Article 1 - Definitions

The terms below are defined as follows:
- Client: a professional who has purchased a Carte LS®.
- Beneficiary: the person who withdraws a gift using a Carte LS®. The Client may also be the beneficiary;
- Supplier: a supplier of the activity, leisure and/or services chosen by the beneficiary with his/her Carte LS®.

Article 2 - Orders

Carte LS® orders can be booked as follows:

- online at:;

- by telephone (number and times specified in article 17);

- by fax (number specified in article 17).

Only orders of a minimum amount of 280.00 £ (Excl. VAT) can be accepted during the ordering process. The Client confirms that he/she has red, understood and accepted the present general terms and conditions to confirm the order itself.

Unless proven otherwise, all data kept by our Company constitute proof of the transactions processed by the Client.

It is also stipulated that the Client has sole responsibility:

- for ensuring that every information provided during the order (last name, first name, details, delivery address, etc...) is correct and for the resulting consequences should there be any: lateness, inability to deliver or error. In the event of an error or omission, the Client will be liable for all charges incurred by our company in particular the ones concerning the shipping;

- for the selection of Carte LS® he/she has ordered and for the consequences resulting from any incompatibility, inappropriateness etc... ;

- for the choice of gifts that he/she wishes to associate with the Carte LS® he/she has ordered;

- for the messages, images that he/she wishes to publish in the personalization of the Carte LS® that he/she has ordered and/or in the personalization of the Carte LS® withdrawal site.

Article 3 - Prices

The Carte LS® prices offered on are in Pounds and exclude VAT.

All prices were calculated on 12.03.2009 on an exchange rate of 0.927 (1€ = 0.927£) and they might change due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. We shall not be responsible for any costs that the client may incur on credit card or bank transfer transactions due to currency exchange rate fluctuations or otherwise.

Delivery charges for the Carte LS® are included in the price for any order requiring a single point of delivery in the U.K. excluding overseas departments and territories. Any delivery outside the U.K. or with multiple delivery points will be subject to a surcharge paid by the Client.

The price also includes the gifts shipment costs for any delivery in the U.K. excluding overseas departments and territories. Any gift delivery outside the U.K. will be subject to a supplement paid by the Client.

Article 4 - Payment

We require an immediate payment of the total cost of your order to confirm it.

You can pay by credit card (Visa and MasterCard) in £, through a secure payment system on the or by bank transfer in Euro.

Orders settled by bank transfer in € will be processed as soon as the funds arrive in our bank account.

As soon as the order is confirmed, a payment receipt is made available on-line for the Client, bearing in mind that only orders with confirmed payment are considered as firm orders. As a result, orders are only confirmed after the Client's bank has authorised the payment for the total amount.

Article 5 - Outstanding balances - Incomplete or inaccurate data

In case of unpaid order or data missing or inaccurate, we reserve the right to cancel the order, without any notice or compensation whatsoever.

Article 6 - Delivery of the Carte LS®

Carte LS® are delivered by our carrier to the address specified by the Client during the order.

Delivery times for Carte LS® in the U.K. (excluding overseas departments and territories) generally take around 72 hours from the time of shipment.

These times are only indicative. As a result, the Client cannot claim any compensation whatsoever for late delivery.

Article 7 - Gift withdrawal for the Beneficiary

The Carte LS® beneficiary can withdraw his/her gift by login to the withdrawal site. He/she will have to enter his/her confidential code mentioned at the back of his/her card.

Carte LS® are nominative and can only be used by their beneficiaries: they cannot be transfered or exchanged for cash.

They are valid for one year from the issuing date. Exceptionally, this period may be extended to six extra months on request. This request has to be made by the beneficiary with a written letter addressed to our company with recording mail before the one-year period expiration.
If the gift has not been took off within this one-year period, it cannot be refunded to the Client or to the Beneficiary.

It is also stipulated that the Beneficiary is sole responsible:

- for ensuring that every information provided during the gift withdrawal (first name, last name, delivery address, etc...) is correct and for the resulting consequences such as lateness, inability to deliver, error, etc... In the event of an error or omission, the Beneficiary will be liable for all charges incurred by our company in particular the ones concerning the shipping of the gift;

- for the choice and use of his/her gift, as well as for the resulting consequences such as incompatibility, inappropriateness etc...

Article 8 - Availability

The gifts collection presented on and on is regularly replenished in order to maintain and continuously improve our optimal level of quality.

Our company aims to constantly offer gifts of consistent quality.

We cannot therefore guarantee that during the whole validity period of the Carte LS®, the products, services or activities offered to the beneficiary at the time of withdrawal will be exactly the same to those presented to the Client during their order.

The beneficiary will have to choose among the products, services and/or activities presented to him/her during the withdrawal of his/her gift. Our company cannot be held responsible or liable in the event of a product, service and/or activity being out of stock.

Article 9 - Gift Delivery

Gifts are sent by recording mail to the address provided by the beneficiary during the withdrawal.

Gifts delivery times in the U.K. (excluding overseas departments and territories) generally take around 72 business hours starting from the time of shipment.

These timescales are however only indicative.

As a result, the Beneficiary or the Client cannot claim any compensation whatsoever for late delivery.

Article 10 - Conditions of gift use

When a beneficiary chooses an activity and/or a service, he/she will receive a voucher to give to the supplier of the activity and/or of the service as a payment.

It is important to note that our company has no liability or involvement in the contract binding the beneficiary to the supplier of the activity and/or of the service during the consumption of the activity and/or service.

As a result, it is the beneficiary's responsibility to be aware of:

- the supplier's terms and conditions, general and specific, which will be the only applicable ones in his/her relations with the supplier;

- the constraints and limits susceptible to restrict access to the chosen activity, in particular in relation to sports activities;

- the insurance offered by the supplier and its suitability as far as the beneficiary's specific situation is concerned.

Beneficiaries are also reminded that they should observe the safety rules applicable to sport activities, of which they fully accept the inherent risks.

Given the above, our company cannot be held liable for any fault and failure in the delivery of the activity chosen, or for the resulting prejudice. The beneficiary's recourse can only be directed to the supplier.

The same will apply in the event that the said supplier refuses to cancel the activity chosen by the beneficiary.

Article 11 - Conformity - Guarantee

Any claim regarding the non-conformity or an apparent fault affecting the gift chosen by the beneficiary will have to be made in writing and sent by recorded delivery within the three days following the receipt of the goods. Failing this, the claim cannot be taken into account.

Gifts that are not compliant or that are apparently faulty will be exchanged, provided that the claim is made in accordance with the above.

To that effect, gifts will have to be returned re-sealable in their original packaging together with any accessories or manuals, and the beneficiary will be refunded of the delivery costs.

Outside the above mentioned three days, our company cannot make any guarantees of any kind.

Article 12 - Damages and compensations

Our company's responsibility is strictly limited to the gift value and does not in any case whatsoever include the Client's or Beneficiary's compensation or recovery for any loss of income, costs or any other type of damages or prejudice.

Article 13 - Gifts presentation

The pictures and images used on and have been selected with care to give you a precise picture of what we are able to provide. Nevertheless, they are not legally binding.


- we reserve the right to change the presentation of the gifts at any time;

- we cannot be made liable for any gift misrepresentation.

Article 14 - Intellectual property

Any reproduction, complete or partial of the site or of the withdrawal site, for any use other than private, is strictly prohibited.

The same rule applies to the texts, comments, illustrations and images used on or the withdrawal site, in accordance with the Intellectual Property Code as well as the relevant international copyrights.

Article 15 - External Links

Our company cannot be held responsible for third-party site content which the Client or the Beneficiary may visit after clicking on links present on or on the withdrawal site, nor can it be held responsible for any information or services published by those third-party sites.

The Client and the Beneficiary are therefore responsible for taking reasonable precautions and measures in the event that they use these links, in particular with regards to possible virus attacks.

Article 16 - Data Protection

The data asked to our Clients and Beneficiaries in order to correctly process orders and gift withdrawals are exclusively used by our company.

In accordance with the French "Information Technology and Freedom" Act of the 6th of January 1978, the Client and Beneficiary have the right to access and modify their data.

If they wish to exercise this right and obtain communication and data affecting them, they can contact our company: 14 rue Mickaël Faraday, 49070 BEAUCOUZE.

Article 17 - Client services

Any information request and/or claims can be sent to our Company :

- by post to our head-office: 14 rue Mickaël Faraday, 49070 BEAUCOUZE.

- by phone to: +33.(0) (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:30 C.E.T.);

- by email to:;

- by fax to: +33.(0)

Article 18 - Miscellaneous

18-1 The Client being a professional is bound by the provisions made in article 1369-5 and from the 1st to the 5th comma of the article 1369-4 from the French Civil Code in its dealings with our company.

18-2 The fact that any of the present conditions may not be mentioned at a given time cannot be interpreted as renunciation of their application.

If any of the present conditions should be annulled, all other conditions will remain valid to the fullest extent permitted by the law.

Article 19 - Disputes

All disputes regarding the interpretation, validity or execution of the present terms and conditions as well as any dealing between our company and its Clients or Beneficiary are submitted to French law and fall under the exclusive authority of the Tribunal of Commerce of Angers (France).

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